FDA II Spotlight

Profile: Monique Davis, FDA II Parent Association President

PA President Monique Davis is the mother of FDA II 10th grade scholar Ashley Haynes. Ms. Davis says it is important for parents to know FDA II has an open door policy for parent involvement and they are welcome to become active participants in the FDA II community. 


Profile: Annette E. Cruz, FDA II Parent Association Vice-President.

PA Vice President Annette Cruz is mother to FDA II 11th grade scholar Jaynette Pagan. She is most concerned about the parents that do not speak English. She wants to make sure their voices and concerns are heard within the FDA II community and that they are kept abreast of what is going on at the school.


Profile: Brenda Rivera, FDA II Parent Association Treasurer.

PA Board Treasurer, Brenda Rivera has been actively involved on a Parent Association Board since her daughter, FDA II 9th grade scholar Miranda Mejia, was in kindergarten. One of Ms. Rivera’s goals as a board member is to bring middle school parents and high school together at meetings so they can work together for the betterment of the school.   


Profile: Lavern Davis, FDA II Parent Association Secretary

PA Board Secretary, Lavern Davis is mother to FDA II 9th grade scholar Caleb Basco. She says when parents get involved in activities at school it shows the students and the staff that you care about the school.


Profile: Tracey Stahling, FDA II Parent Coordinator.

Ms. Stahling is the proud mother of a 2008 FDA II graduate and a fixture on the FDA II campus. At anytime you will find Ms. Stahling in her office doling out motherly advice to scholars or helping parents learn how to stay on top of their kids academic progress. Her dedication to the school, the students and the parents is tireless and more than anything she wants to see more parents get involved.


Profile: Asma H., 7th grade scholar

 Asma credits Math Instructor, Mr. Lavar, with helping her grow into a great math student and encouraging her to “never give up.” She hopes to take her love for math and turn it into a career in Engineering.



Profile: John J., Senior

John is an interesting and very busy young man. You may find him in a classroom quietly working on his latest oil painting or charging down a field to tackle an opponent during an intense game of Rugby. John credits his participation in FDA II’s Robotics program for spawning an interest in mechanical engineering, which he plans to pursue in college next year.


Profile: Michael B., 8th grade scholar

Michael credits the FDA II Robotics program with fostering his love of mechanics. He says he has always had an interest in “how things work” and he hopes to turn that curiosity into a career in engineering one day.


Profile: Ryan M., Senior

Ryan’s work ethic is awe-inspiring. In less than a year, since moving to New York City from Jamaica, Ryan has blazed through the classes and exams he needed to qualify as a senior and graduate on time. He has a clear plan for his future mapped out that will lead him to his ultimate goal of becoming a District Attorney and then a Politician.



Frederick Douglass Academy II helps scholars realize the dream of a college degree and a professional career by providing them with a strong academic background and a solid sense of self-confidence. A replica of Dr. Lorraine Monroe's Frederick Douglass Academy, FDA II provides its scholars with an unrelenting academic curriculum combined with extraordinary opportunities for personal growth. With an emphasis on academics and decorum, the school accepts nothing less than 100% from scholars, parents and faculty alike. A set of core rules signals the seriousness of purpose for the school, its students and teachers. All students must adhere to a code of student conduct, the Scholar's Creed, Twelve Non-Negotiable Rules and a strict uniform code.

Osei Owusu-Afriyie


Class of 2014 – College Guide from A to Z.

Harlem, NY (FDA II) – Class of 2014 it is time to get started! You have a lot of work to do this summer and fall in order to meet all the deadlines for college enrollment and the process goes by quickly – so don’t dally! Keep reading, so you’re ready to roll!


FDA II competes in FIRST Robotics Competition

Harlem, New York (FDA II) – Congratulations are in order for Frederick Douglass Academy II’s high school Robotics team, ERA 4640, which out ranked 40 other teams at the FIRST Robotics Competition on March 9that the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

FDA II scholars get on their “A Game”

Harlem, NY (FDA II) – What does it mean to be on your “A Game”? For many people presented with that question the answer seems easy. It means, to do your best, right? Yeah. Sure, that answer is correct, but have you ever thought about what actions you need to practice to get on your “A Game”?


Mentors help guide the way to college

Harlem, New York (FDA II) –Empowering its scholars is what Frederick Douglass Academy II is all about. This year, the school has taken that mission to another level by joining forces with iMentor to ensure students are empowered to graduate high school, succeed in college, and achieve their ambitions. 


FDA II launches new reading and community programs.

Harlem, New York (FDA II) – Sixth period is a special time of day at FDA II. It’s the time of day dedicated to cultivating scholar’s imaginations and voices. It's the period dedicated to creating a love for learning and expression through the Academy’s new Independent Reading and Community Circles program. Read more...

Peer Mentor program participants ring in the New Year together

Harlem, New York (FDA II) – Frederick Douglass Academy II sixth graders will start off the New Year with the guidance of an upperclassman through the Academy’s Peer Mentoring program.

Saturday, April 26
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Wed, Apr 30 - Fri, May 2
NYS Math Test
Thursday, May 1
iMentor Event - Grades 9 & 10
Yankees Trip
Saturday, May 3
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Tuesday, May 6
iMentor Event - Grade 9
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Thursday, May 8
iMentor Event - Grade10
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