Frederick Douglass Academy II helps scholars realize the dream of a college degree and a professional career by providing them with a strong academic background and a solid sense of self-confidence. A replica of Dr. Lorraine Monroe's Frederick Douglass Academy, FDA II provides its scholars with an unrelenting academic curriculum combined with extraordinary opportunities for personal growth. With an emphasis on academics and decorum, the school accepts nothing less than 100% from scholars, parents and faculty alike. A set of core rules signals the seriousness of purpose for the school, its students and teachers. All students must adhere to a code of student conduct, the Scholar's Creed, Twelve Non-Negotiable Rules and a strict uniform code.

Osei Owusu-Afriyie


Help Support FDA II Robotics!

Harlem, NY- (FDA II) – The Metallic Panthers 4640, Frederick Douglass Academy II’s High School Robotics team, is on a quest to raise money in support of their latest engineering endeavor.


We've Got Spirit!!!

Harlem, NY- (FDA II) - In February, the entire FDA II community kicked off its annual Spirit Week celebration. 


Profile: Gaterlin Mata, Teacher.

Ms. Gaterlin Mata, FDA II’s new Special Education Math and Science teacher, empowers children with tools and techniques to help them overcome their learning obstacles.


FDA II welcomes new 9th and 10 grade counselor

Mrs. Sharrell Matta, FDA II’s new 9th and 10th grade guidance counselor, says the college application process really starts in 9th grade and students should start early building a transcript that will represent them well to colleges.


Profile: Chuba O., FDA II Senior

This young man has big plans for his future that include going to college, majoring in Business Administration, starting his own business and, oh yeah, playing for the NBA! Based on the number of colleges that are rushing to recruit this young basketball star his dreams will definitely become a reality soon. 


Tuesday, August 11
Summer School Ends
For High School 
Wednesday, August 12
NYS Regents Exams
Thursday, August 13
NYS Regents Exams
Friday, August 14
Summer School Report Cards Mailed
Wednesday, September 2
Back to School Night
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
All Grades

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